Edmonton Dog Walker

If you have been searching for an Edmonton dog walker, then you have come to the right place! I am available for Dog walking in West and South Edmonton.


And you do everything possible to keep your dog happy, healthy and well taken care of. I know your dog is like one of the family but...

you may work long hours

you may travel with work

you may have a young puppy

or the daily walk is just not in your schedule

Well that is were I come in! All Seasons Dog Care offers professional dog walking in edmonton, to help you relieve any nagging feelings about your dogs well being. I give you a helping hand which will improve your dogs behavior at home and likely put them in a state that allows you both to relax when you get home.


*Improved mental alertness and sense of well being
*Improved muscle tone and cardio
*Tires your dog so they are more likely to follow commands
*A great time to reinforce those basic commands
*Regular socialization helps increases likelihood of a well adjusted dog
*For puppies daily visits help maintain a consistent housebreaking schedule
*Elderly dogs have a chance to answer natures call outside instead of inside


All of my Dog walking visits are in half hour increments. I strive to spend 100% of that time on the walk.

All of my Dog Walking visits are for your pet(s) only, I do not do pack walks with other dogs. I give your dog(s) all of my attention. I will walk 2 of your large dogs at any one time and 3 medium or small dogs.

In addition I have Puppy Potty breaks and playtime for the youngster.

I am available every day and love to have regularly scheduled walk times.

Although I have a master schedule and can offer approximate times.
I can not guarantee times.

To book your Edmonton dog walker just call Fred 780 907 4317!

To see my rates click here, and to contact me click here.

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